Headaches and Migraine Headaches


“I have a migraine.”  Many people suffer from headaches, and some 16% of those are categorized as migraine headaches.  Migraines are typically accompanied by severe throbbing or pounding head pain, nausea (80% of the time), aura (a visual field disturbance present about 25% of the time), possible dizziness, intense sensitivity to light (photophobia), and increased headache with physical activity.  Migraine sufferers often want to sleep in a dark room with sleep often relieving the pain until the next episode.  These headaches can be moderate to severely debilitating rendering the person unable to read, concentrate, or conduct normal daily functions. 

Annual employer cost of lost productivity due to migraines was estimated at $3,309 per sufferer. Total medical costs associated with migraines in the United States amounted to one billion dollars in 1994, in addition to lost productivity estimated at thirteen to seventeen billion dollars per year. (Wikipedia 2011)

Who do you know who suffers headaches?  I see great results helping these people and would love an opportunity to see what I can do for them.  Please let us know so we can help them eliminate these productivity-robbing, happiness-stealing, life-interfering headaches.