Why Should You Get Adjusted?

Why exactly should someone get adjusted?  This year in our newsletters we will be covering 8 distinct reasons why bad alignment and movement of the spine is so detrimental to your health.  We want to be an important part of your personal health toolbox, and that includes helping you understand what the problem is in the first place, so here goes…

Problem #1  Muscular tension:  

 Who has never ever felt tension in their back and/or neck?  If you never have, please call me today because I want to ask you what your secret is.  As for the rest of us, typically when we think of muscular tension we think of a knot you have felt in the neck, shoulders, and/or lower back.  While the outermost muscles can display obvious signs of tension, the more insidious and arguably more common culprits of tension symptoms are the deeper, smaller layers of paraspinal muscle (paraspinal=near the spine).  These smaller, deeper muscle fibers measure, monitor, and regulate spinal joint positioning and tension.   Thus, when they become mistakenly set to a shorter, tighter “setting” they restrict all movement down to what they think is “acceptable”.  Accidents, injuries, stress, poor posture, cold weather, sleeping or prolonged sitting positions, and improper movement patterns all can cause symptoms of pain, headaches, tension, or restricted range of motion.  The good news is that chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective at fixing this!  The speed and accuracy of an effective adjustment actually “resets” the tension point of the deep layer muscles allowing them to relax.  This allows the larger muscles to move joints through their full range of motion.  Think of it as subconscious reprogramming of your musculoskeletal system.  Call us today to be sure your back and neck are in good shape for the new year.

Muscle Spindle

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