Doctor's Corner

Woman in pain

Many patients, after finding complete or significant relief from their headaches, sciatica, lower back pain, hand numbness, etc. decide to continue their treatment as a regular part of their health care.  They do this because they understand and feel the difference in their body when their spine is well-adjusted.  They describe it as stronger, more aware, less pain, less stiff, and more energy.  Several of our regular patients have reported to me this year that following a fall or other injury which would have otherwise caused a serious setback in their well-being ended up being minimally inconvenienced.  How happy that makes me to see that the strength, resilience, flexibility, and adaptability of their spine has come so far and resulted in the protection of their health.  In each instance these patients were able to resume work and regular activities almost immediately. 

Chiropractic is not merely a pain-killer or band-aid fix.  It is correcting underlying neurology and biomechanics.  Like anything worthwhile, it takes consistency.  Chiropractic is an essential part of maintaining a healthy spine just as exercise and proper nutrition.  I feel a tremendous responsibility to our community to bolster and strengthen our people.  Who do you know who would greatly benefit from chiropractic?  Please let us know how to find them so they too may experience the improved quality of life that comes with improved spinal health.
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