Stabbed in the Back


Have you ever been stabbed in the back?  I am not talking about a knife fight, or an evil betrayal, but rather that sharp, burning pain that comes seemingly out of nowhere somewhere between the shoulder blades.  Have you ever felt such a pain or do you know someone who does?  Perhaps you sat at your computer or reading a book, minding your own business, and suddenly it felt like a nerve was pinched and a hot wire ran down the middle of your back.  Thereafter it often returned with slight movements of the neck and shoulders.

Spinal joint dysfunction and muscle spasms can cause this.  Often these symptoms result when the muscles have been fatigued by stressed, strained, or poor posture.  Muscles may also be set to a shorter ‘set-point’ than necessary causing them to overwork and fail.  Chiropractic adjustments fix this by neurologically resetting joints and muscles.  When the muscle fibers (commonly the levator scapulae muscles running from the shoulder blade to the neck) experience this partial failure it results in this burning sensation.  Simple chiropractic adjustments, targeted muscle work, and appropriate stretching/relaxation exercises work wonders to remedy such symptoms and return the body to proper balance.  The right adjustment removes these obstacles allowing your body to restore itself to full health.  The right adjustments are also preventive, making the spine and adjacent musculature more resistant to future strain. 

Who do you know that has been stabbed in the back like this?  Please call our office today to let us know so we can help them.  (707) 526-4415