“"I love to play racquetball, but after a fall on the court my right shoulder and upper back hurt for months. I tried massage, herbal topicals, heat, laser therapy and everything I could do to find relief. All offered temporary relief but the pain persisted. I began to become preoccupied with my pain as it was with me 7 days/week.

“After a series of chiropractic treatments from Dr. Hartman I can honestly say I feel 100% better. I no longer worry about the pain going away because it is gone. I play, work, sleep, and enjoy life without hurting. I feel so much better. I also found Dr. Hartman very personable and fun to work with. I felt he was committed to my health and well-being and would recommend him to anyone with a question about how chiropractic can help them.”

“As part of my "training" program I decided it would be important to pay attention to my musculo-skeletal status. I visited Dr. Hartman for an evaluation and we began monthly interventions. I noticed immediately that my neck and shoulders felt less tense and that my upper back felt stronger. He gave me advice about how to improve my mobility and continues to encourage me to reach my goals of maintaining physical strength. Oh, what am I in training for? To live to 108!”

“I have been under Dr. Hartman’s care for only a short time and began right away to feel the positive impact of his treatments. I am confident I am in the right hands and do not hesitate to refer family and friends to his care.”

“I began treatment with Dr. Hartman a few months ago and have experienced a dramatic difference. I fractured a rib over a year ago and had back spasms that affected my ability to sit at my desk for any length of time. Continual adjustment of the rib has resulted in a drug-free treatment plan. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Hartman not only for the treatment, but because of his knowledge and professionalism.”

“After my car accident, I went to the emergency room only to find out that the doctor was going to prescribe a strong medication to help with all my pain. They were not going to treat me for my neck, shoulder or back except with a prescription. I am not one for popping pills, especially ones that are habit forming. My main concern after my accident was my career and business as a skin care therapist could be over. I didn't have any feeling in my hands or fingers, my neck and back were in pain and it was painful to sit. My daughter and I also dance Tahitian and Hawaiian hula and perform at shows around the bay area. My many years as a dancer seemed to be put on hold and I was just a spectator now.
“I remember meeting Dr. Hartman at a high school career day. After seeing Dr. Hartman for the very first time, I was very confident that he could help me get better. He explained to me what was happening to my body because of the car accident. After my treatment that morning, not only was my pain in my neck and shoulders reduced, but I had slight feeling in my hands and fingers. This gave me some hope that my career was not over yet. As I continue my treatments with Dr. Hartman, I am feeling a little stronger and my range of motion is coming back to me. I have no more numbness in my hands and fingers and I have been able to see my clients in total confidence. I can't wait to practice dancing and performing again, I just know it is just a matter of time before my body will be back to normal.”

“I suffered from migraine headaches due to a car accident fifteen years ago. I went to many doctors and have been using medication for years. It wasn’t until I started seeing Dr. Hartman a few years ago that I have gotten control of the migraines and have full function.”

“I came to Dr. Hartman with chronic headaches (3 to 5 times a week) and with severe lower back pain. This was negatively effecting my work and home life. It was not unusual for me to leave work early due to the headaches. I had tried what I thought was everything. Dr. Hartman just happened to meet me one evening while I was having one of my "bad days". He suggested that chiropractic work might help me. So I made my first appointment and went with not much enthusiasm and loads of skepticism. Well, I am happy to say that by the second month my headaches were gone. I can't remember the last one. I am sure that I must have had at least a few. But just the fact that they are so far between and the severity has diminished speaks volumes. In addition, my lower back pain has decreased as well. He has made some wonderful suggestions that I can follow through at home and it has made a huge difference. I am very pleased with all of his support and will continue to see him. Not so much due to pain but I have become a believer in being pro-active regarding my health.
Thank You Dr. Hartman!”

"Hi! I want to tell you about my experience with Dr. Craig Hartman. I shied away from chiropractic my whole life, but when he came to my door and introduced himself, I decided to give it a try. I was suffering with painful whiplash in my lower back, and a aching, unstable ankle following a bad sprain. For both these injuries, I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage, with little relief. The back injury was over a year old, the ankle more than three years.

“Dr. Hartman is friendly, gives clear explanations of what is wrong, what he is doing and why. Amazingly, my ankle instability and aching went away. It took longer for my back to get better, but I did see weekly improvement. The constant pain, which originally was a large band across my lower back, subsided to only intermittent pain in a small place on one side. My ability to perform regular daily activities has greatly improved.
I highly recommend Dr. Hartman, who is knowledgeable, honest, and kind."

“Dear Dr. Hartman,

“Thank you so much for all your help. Four months ago I was in so much pain. I couldn't find a position that was comfortable. My sciatic pain was even waking me up at night. We started treatment and I could see improvement right away. It has improved so much. The pain is pretty much gone and the numbness that I have had for years is also much better. Last weekend I was able to run my booth at the bridal show and stand for over 5 hours straight! There was hardly even any numbness. It hasn't been that good in over a decade. Thank You!”

“I have suffered occasional back problems that have immobilized me for a couple of days at a time for well over the past 25 years. Those back problems usually occurred on average of two or three times a year. I began treatments with Dr. Hartman about 8 months ago, and those unpleasant episodes have largely subsided. The range of movement in my back and neck has improved greatly. I am more flexible, and am able to enjoy a normal range of activities. The incidents of being out of commission for a few days at a time have not reoccurred. I credit Dr. Hartman's adjustments, in combination with a needed weight loss, with an improvement in my general health and enjoyment of life.”

“My first time ever to visit a chiropractor was with Dr. Hartman. I initially went to see him because I had been having many more headaches than usual over a period of several weeks, and was tired of taking pills to feel a little better. My sister suggested I see him, so I figured I’d give it a try. At the initial assessment, he was thorough and asked lots of questions. Almost as a side thought, I mentioned that I’d been worried about the episodes of vertigo I’d been having over the past few years. They had started as mild, one to two-minute episodes with months in between, but were currently happening about every month, lasting between five and ten minutes, and were often accompanied by nausea that lasted all day. I had already been checked by my family doctor (including MRI and hearing test), which ruled out more serious causes, but still the episodes continued without a known reason. Dr. Hartman questioned and examined me, and said he believed it was something he could treat. I was more than willing to try. The headaches lessened in frequency quickly, but over the past seven months of treatments (one visit a month now), the lessening of my vertigo has been the biggest victory. I knew after one of the first adjustments that what he was doing was affecting the vertigo – because it triggered an episode just a few hours after the adjustment. However, this episode was milder than I’d had in a long time. Over the next few months, the frequency of my vertigo actually doubled, but the greatly reduced severity of the episodes more than made up for it. Instead of 7-8 minute periods of severe dizziness with nausea, my episodes instead were 1-2 minutes of mild dizziness, with no nausea. But better than that, Dr. Hartman helped (continued…) “…me to learn that my posture was likely affecting the vertigo. Many times I have felt the onset of a vertigo episode (ear ringing and ear fullness), but straightening my posture immediately relieves the symptoms and the dizziness never comes. Now the frequency of the episodes has diminished significantly, especially as I concentrate more regularly on my posture (only 2 short episodes in nearly 4 months!).
“I appreciate Dr. Hartman for several reasons. First, he really listens to my concerns in regards to the vertigo and other issues as well. He recommends exercises that will help, and he follows up at each visit with concerns that I brought up in past visits. If I wasn’t comfortable with a certain adjustment, he would modify it to still achieve the desired result, but in a way that was more comfortable for me. All in all, I’m so glad I decided to give chiropractic, and Dr. Hartman, a try.”

 “I am so grateful to Dr. Hartman for all that he does for me.  When I became pregnant for the first time I feared that back pain, headaches, and leg cramps would be my fate for the next nine months.  I knew Dr. Hartman could help with my back ache, but I had no idea that he would be able to help me so much with every other ache and pain in my body.  Before I started treatment I was having headaches at least every other day, lasting for hours at a time.  Within two weeks of treatment they had subsided to being much less frequent and lasting minutes at most.  Now I don't have headaches.  I can't remember the last time that I had one, and that is a miracle to me!  When my legs, hands and feet started cramping up halfway through my pregnancy I thought I was done for!  I was waking up three times a night to hop out of bed because of leg cramps.  My feet would literally cramp for forty-five minutes to an hour at a time and there was nothing I could do to make it stop.  I could hardly close my hand around a can opener or knife for more than a few seconds before it would cramp up on me.  When Dr. Hartman told me he could help with all of this I almost didn't believe him.  Since he has been treating these symptoms my feet do not cramp up, my legs hardly cramp, and on the rare occasion that they do the pain subsides quickly.  I am able to use my hands much more with little spasming.  I am so grateful to Dr. Hartman for allowing me to be able to enjoy my pregnancy instead of complaining for nine months about how uncomfortable I feel.  He is amazing at what he does, in both his treatment of patients and his genuine care and concern for them.  He is good at what he does because he loves what he does, and he loves serving his patients.”??B.P.
“I've been suffering from mild to very severe back pain for the past eight years brought on by workplace injuries.  I had unsuccessful lower back surgery two years ago which initially made my pain much worse.  Although my pain had gradually decreased since my surgery, I had become resigned to the fact that, despite being in my early 30's, I was just going to have learn to live with chronic lower back pain for the rest of my life.  Years ago when I first began to develop back problems I did regularly see another Chiropractor in Santa Rosa, so I was already somewhat familiar with the benefits of regular Chiropractic care.  From the moment I walked into Dr. Hartman's office I was immediately impressed and comfortable.  I could tell from my first conversation with his assistant, Rachel, that she truly cared and believed in the care Dr. Hartman provides.  My initial impression of Dr. Hartman was the same.  He took the time to listen and completely understand my situation.  I was immediately very impressed that during my first treatment, Dr. Hartman was able to fix a problem with my neck which I wasn't even aware I had.  During the next few treatments he was not only able to make my neck feel a lot better, but he also was able to all but eliminate the frequent headaches I was having.  I had no idea the cause of my headaches was due to problems he was easily able to identify and correct.  The treatments also had the immediate positive impact of relieving my lower back pain.  I made the commitment to schedule frequent treatments and the results have been dramatic.  In less than three short months I have gone from experiencing constant moderate to severe pain to now only having very mild and very infrequent pain.  This morning I was (continued…)
“…actually able to jog for a whole mile without any back pain!  Dr. Hartman’s treatments have allowed me to exercise and perform other physical activities again which I had all but given up hope of ever being able to do again.  I've improved to the point where I am now being treated just twice a month.  These past few months have reminded me that the most important thing in our lives is our good health.  Good health is invaluable.  I am very grateful to Dr. Hartman for enabling me to once again feel healthy and pain free.”

“I was a classic study of inactivity and eating. When I had enough of the insults i decided to lose some weight and try to eat healthier. In the initial process of exercising at the gym at a moderate rate ( I am 58 years young), I began to experience lower back pain that was going to get in the way of a well rounded exercise program.I started weekly visits to see Dr. Hartman and the results have been fantastic. With his sports medicine background he has been advising me on simple ways to get my mobility back and become more flexable without the constant pain.My spinal adjustments are an intregal part of the entire process. Hats off to Dr. Hartman for giving me the opportunity to reach my goals.”

 “Dear Dr. Hartman,

I want to express my thanks to you as a result of my recent chiropractic sessions with you. Working with you was a pleasure as well as an education. As a first time patient of chiropractic medicine, I felt you did a fantastic job of explaining and administering treatment. After being given two bottles of pills and told that my back would fix itself in time by my primary care physician, I was more than happy with your pro-active and "natural" alternative. As you know I was in debilitating pain prior to the first visit. Each time I left your office I felt better than I had when I arrived. I am so happy to have my body back and to express my gratitude to you. Thank you.”

 “I would like to say Dr. Hartman has changed my life.  I lived with neck pain for over 6 years.  I tried everything physical therapy, pain meds once with no relief.  I just worked in pain in tears alot of the time and then I learned to only do so much at work and so much at home.  After only one visit I was driving back to work and looked at my mom and said for the first time in 6 years I have no neck pain.  Since I have been seeing Dr Hartman I haven't had any further neck pain.  I am able to do my job, activities of daily living with no pain.   At first I wasn't sure about being adjusted but know I look forward to it. Dr. Hartman is very caring and professional at what he does he always greets you with a smile.  Thank you Dr. Hartman.”

 “Royce Addington wrote ‘There is a well of infinity hidden within each Soul. There you will find an incredible energy source, beyond your broadest understanding. It is Light and Healing.’
“I truly believe Dr. Hartman works from this place within himself. He has tapped into his incredible energy source and offers us bright, brilliant light of healing through thoughtful expression of word and touch.
“Our lives are but a journey greatly enhanced by knowing people like Dr. Hartman. With boundless gratitude, I thank him for accompanying me through this part of my healing.
With Gratitude, ”

“Thanks to Doctor Craig Hartman, I don’t need daily pain medicine anymore! I love to walk with my husband, but used to need a “back stretch” due to pain. Now I can walk freely. I was impressed with a presentation Doctor Hartman made to Church friends. I was impressed with the love and understanding he felt for the marvelous bodies our God has created for us. I began seeing him June 24, 2009 and immediately felt progress. My worst pains were muscle spasms, which could not be eased. I suffer them no more. For many years I would have to get up at night and walk around until a pill would ease my pain. It was a walking nightmare. I couldn’t stand any pressure on any bones. Now I can sleep all night and do what I need to during the day. I will turn 77 in October and feel years younger.
“Thank you, my dear friend and helper, Doctor Hartman.”

“Ever since I was a child I have suffered from migraines due to multiple injuries to my body and head. Some migraines would last for days and medicine would hardly ever help. It seemed that all doctors wanted to give me was pills.
“I was recently introduced to Dr. Hartman and his awesome staff. After having my first consultation with Dr. Hartman he was sure he could help me. I was skeptical. Nothing had ever worked before. However, my family was concerned for my health and gave me the push I needed to try something new. Also, I saw that Dr. Hartman was truly concerned for me as a person, not just a patient, and that made me believe he could help.
“The damage to my neck and back was so severe that after a few treatments I knew that Dr. Hartman was for real. After four weeks of treatment I hadn’t suffered a single migraine. It’s been almost six months now and I have been so lucky to only have suffered from one or two headaches in that time, but they seem like nothing compared to my migraines that would last for days.
“The quality of my life has greatly improved thanks to Dr. Hartman and Rachel. It’s nice to have a doctor that honestly cares for his patients.”